ITINERARY: La Tovara Jungle Boat Tour

This is an 8-mile boat ride to a National Park mangrove estuary, where you will see bromeliads, birds and reptiles, including crocodiles and turtles. You have the option of visiting a wildlife refuge and crocodile breeding facility. 3-4 hours.

Cost: Approximately $12 (twelve) USD per person, or $44 minimum per boat.

Tipping Your Boat Operator:
The boat operators really depend on your tips. We recommend that your tips reflect on the quality of your trip and your overall experience (typically 10-20% of your individual or group's costs).

Note that San Blas EcoTours takes no portion of fees or tips related to these trips. Our only purpose is to inform and help however we can. Thank you!

Group Size

Up to 12 people. This is per boat.

Trip Schedule


Yes, you can go on your own!

The standard tour to the La Tovara National Park does not require reservations. It is taken with a boat operator, who will point out the wildlife on the trip. Spanish-speaking operators are friendly, and a few know minimal English. Ask your operator to drive slow if you want to take photographs of the wildlife.

Boats leave throughout the day, but we recommend going early in the morning (by 8:00 am) in order to see the birds before they take cover from the noon sun. Locations are:

Location 1, The Main Park Entrance

You can drive to the "La Tovara Parque National" entrance outside of San Blas.

• If you are arriving from Puerto Vallarta/Sayulita area: The drive from Puerto Vallarta to the National Park is about 2-1/2 to 3 hours. The entrance to the park is about 3 miles before you get to San Blas, in the town of Mantanchen, where you will see numerous food stands. The tour entrance is on your right. If you plan to drive from Puerto Vallarta, make sure you have time enough to drive back before dark; we do not recommend driving at night.

• If you are driving from the town of San Blas, drive back out of town over the bridge, turn right toward Puerto Vallarta, drive about 1 mile, and the National Park entrance is on your left.

Location 2, The Bridge in San Blas
This is a longer ride for the same cost; the experience is more or less the same, but you will see more of the mangrove. Walk or drive to the intersection at the entrance to the City of San Blas (this is on the West side of the bridge leading into town), about 1/2-mile from the plaza. Guides are either found under the shelter next to the sailfish sculpture near at the town entrance, or at the base of the bridge on the San Blas side. When you get to the area just say "LA TOBARA?" and someone will show you!


Are Reservations Required? Yes.
Where to Meet Your Guide: If the group agrees to have breakfast together, we will recommend a location the day before.
Meeting Time: 7:00 am breakfast (optional) Note: Breakfast is not included in trip cost.
Departure Time: 8:00 am
Retrun Time:
Schedule Notes:

To get the most out of this tour we recommend reservations with a special Bird Guide or Naturalist who can dispense detailed information about the habitat in Spanish or English.

There are two levels of guides available for these trips:

1. The Bird Guide can tell you the names and general facts about the birds and animals in the mangrove habitat. CONTACT US FOR INFORMATION/RESERVATIONS.

2. The Naturalist can tell you names, scientific names and detailed information about the animals and the mangrove habitat and surrounding environment. We recommend "Jungle Man" Manuel.

To make reservations with Manuel, call:
(323) 285-0558 / from the U.S. dial prefix 011-52
Alternate Telephone: Call Doug Storms (click here for contact info)
Manuel's Website & Rates: San Blas Birding Tours

What to Pack

CLICK HERE for a list of clothing and gear recommended for this trip.

A note about Motion Sickness:
Before traveling, eat a light breakfast, or crackers, and stay away from greasy foods. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking medication prescribed by your doctor, taken as directed. Try your medication the day before you travel to make sure it does not effect you adversely.


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