ITINERARY: Isabela Island Camping Trips

Isablea Island National Park is 39 nautical miles from San Blas (but just 10 miles off the Nayarit coast). You may see dolphins, Manta rays or other sea life on your 2 1/2-hour boat trip. From November to April you may see humpback whales.

We arrive early for a day full of activities. A hike to the island's northern point takes you through the interior where you will see the alkaline crater lake. Interpretive signage along the nature trails provides information about the island's flora and fauna. See the Magnificent Frigate birds nesting in the low-laying vegetation, and observe the Blue and Brown-footed Boobies in their courtship dance.

The main building on the island is a marine research center for scientists who study for extended periods on the island. Researchers are often available to visit our camp for lectures.

In the evenings, we cook fresh seafood meals and share stories by a campfire. You will sleep comfortably in tents beneath a covered shelter. In the morning we cook breakfast and set out for the next day of adventure, including snorkeling or diving.

This is an ideal location for recreational snorkeling, scuba diving, free-diving and underwater photography. In this preserve you may encounter Manta rays and hear the whale songs underwater. Dive through underwater arches and explore lava tubes and caves. See tropical fish, yellowtail, grouper, red snapper, jack caravel, eel, anemones and corals in a pristine habitat.

1, 2 or 3 nights.

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Group Size

Up to people.

Trip Schedule


You must go with a guide.


Are Reservations Required? Yes
Where to Meet Your Guide: West end of the main street "Calle Juarez" (4 blocks west of the plaza). The boat dock is on the left side.
Meeting Time: 5 am
Departure Time: 6 am
Retrun Time: 5 pm
Schedule Notes: Trips are scheduled approximately one month in advance, and are subject to availability. Contact us for more information.

What to Pack

CLICK HERE for a list of clothing and gear recommended for this trip.

A note about Motion Sickness:
Before traveling, eat a light breakfast, or crackers, and stay away from greasy foods. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking medication prescribed by your doctor, taken as directed. Try your medication the day before you travel to make sure it does not effect you adversely.


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