Customized packages* are possible. Here is an example of a typical stay in San Blas:

Bed & Breakfast
Two nights. When you stay here** you are staying with family.

El Pozo Estuary Kayaking and Lunch
You are transported with your kayaks 5 miles up the El Pozo estuary. Here you will enjoy a leisurely kayak trip into the mangroves where you will feel a million miles away. Come back for a bountiful lunch at Paraje Del Rey, a remote open-air restaurants nestled in mangroves. Rest under the shade in a hammock then return to San Blas by boat. 5 hours.

18th Century Fortress & San Blas Lighthouse
You can take a self-guided tour with our laminated San Blas Travel Companion.

*San Blas EcoTours does not specialize in package discounts, but often hotels do, and we will let you know if your choice hotel offers a discount/package.

**We typically only recommend hotels run by people we know personally.

Group Size

Up to We assume a group of 2 people. (You may be scheduled with another group for the Kayaking & Lunch trip.)

Trip Schedule


Contact us for info.


Are Reservations Required? Yes.
Where to Meet Your Guide:
Meeting Time:
Departure Time:
Retrun Time:
Schedule Notes: *
Day 1: Check in
Day 2: Kayaking
Leaving from: Muelle (boat landing)
Meet: 9:00 am
Depart: 9:15 am
Duration: 5 hours
Day 3: Fortress & Lighthouse
Leaving from: Hotel
Duration: Self-guided (about 4 hours)

*This is an example schedule. Contact us for info about scheduling your own trips.

What to Pack

CLICK HERE for a list of clothing and gear recommended for this trip.

A note about Motion Sickness:
Before traveling, eat a light breakfast, or crackers, and stay away from greasy foods. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking medication prescribed by your doctor, taken as directed. Try your medication the day before you travel to make sure it does not effect you adversely.


This Trip:
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What We Do

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