ITINERARY: Platanitos Reef Dive

Dive on the reef, 1 mile off the shore of Platanitos. The boat trip is 12 nautical miles south of San Blas.

The reef has a sandy bottom with rocky outcroppings from 12 to 40 feet below the surface. See rays, lobsters, eels and turtles. Depending on conditions visibility can be from 3 meters to 30 meters. Conditions permitting: Explore an underwater tunnel beneath the pinnacle 1/2 mile off the shore of San Blas.

Group Size

Up to 6 people.

Trip Schedule


We recommend goingwith a guide:


Are Reservations Required? Yes.
Where to Meet Your Guide: San Blas, west end of the main street "Calle Juarez" (4 blocks west of the plaza). The boat dock is on the left side of the library.
Meeting Time: 8:00 am
Departure Time: 8:15 am
Retrun Time: This trip is approximately 4 hours.
Schedule Notes: Reservations are required: Day and time will be scheduled for each group. Meet us the day before for an orientation.

Experience Required: Certified divers only Personal dive gear: Mask, snorkel, wetsuit, BDC. Tanks and some dive gear are available. See us for fitting the day before. open boat on the oceanShorts & personal dive gear if required.

What to Pack

CLICK HERE for a list of clothing and gear recommended for this trip.

A note about Motion Sickness:
Before traveling, eat a light breakfast, or crackers, and stay away from greasy foods. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking medication prescribed by your doctor, taken as directed. Try your medication the day before you travel to make sure it does not effect you adversely.


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