(From Puerto Vallarta)

San Blas is about 95 miles from Puerto Vallarta. It takes aproximately 2.5 to 3 hours to drive, depending on your stops.

Make sure you get gas before you drive.
Look for lateral streets: Be aware that in Mexico you are often required to exit onto a lateral street before making a left turn at a signal/intersection.
We do not recommend driving in the dark.
If you are driving at dusk or in the dark, signs are often difficult to see.


Drive north, heading out of Puerto Vallarta toward "Compostela."
Note: you will not drive to Compostela.

Pay attention to this section:
Drive approx 50 miles to Las Varas. The sign for Las Varas is at the edge of the central part town. As soon as you see this sign, you must exit immediately to the lateral street on your right, marked Zacualpan. Stay on the lateral street, for about 1/4 mile, until you see the signal in the main intersection. The sign for "Zacualpan" and "Puerto San Blas" is marked at the top of the signal post. Now, get in the left lane and turn to LEFT at the intersection for Zacualpan and San Blas.

Now, stay on the same road, it will lead out of Las Varas, toward Zacualpan. Once you reach Zacualpan, stay on the main road through town. Note: if you need to use the baños; the toilets are normall OK (as of 2008) at the Pemex gas station on your right.

At the north end of Zacualpan, you will see the church on your right, and the plaza on your left, make a LEFT turn, driving past the plaza (now on your right), and follow the road out of Zacualpan.

Now, begin to look for signs for "San Blas" -- there is one nearby this portion of the road, which is sometimes missed. Eventually you will reach the coast where you pass through the very small town of Platanitos, where the road turns slightly inland. You are now approximately 25 miles from San Blas.

After passing through El Llano you will reach an intersection at the main road leading to Tepic. Turn LEFT, following the sign to San Blas.

In about 1/4 mile, turn RIGHT following the sign to San Blas (this one can be missed in the dark, so watch for it).

You will pass through several small coastal towns, and through Matanchen bay. When you see the big white building that is a beer distribution center, make a RIGHT turn, passing by food stands, selling banana bread and coconut macaroons called cocadas. Yum!

Continue past the La Tovara National Park entrance on your right, and drive about 1 mile to the next intersection. Turn left to San Blas. You will reach the bridge to the entrance to San Blas in about 1 mile.

Enjoy your trip!


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