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We specialize in designing team building activities to challenge corporate and small groups, and improve motivation, communication, support and trust within the group. We work with kids and adults. Contact us about an incentive trip plan for your group. These are a few exciting possibilities for your group:

Team-building Zipline Adventure
This trip focuses on team building. Your company/team will set up a zipline stretching over the swimming hole at the waterfall outside the village of El Cora. Now face your personal challenge: strap in and leap off the edge for a splash landing in the water! The team can later climb down to the lower falls by way of boulders and streams. Team hiking and bouldering at the waterfalls is available without the zipline option.

(currently not available)

Group Camping and Diving Trips
to Isabela Island National Park

This is an awesome location for adventures in camping and diving for adventurous groups. Explore and experience total peace on a remote island while working as a team in a rustic setting. We offer fully-catered or DIY options. Contact us for details.

Small Group Kayaking Trips
Your team will love getting out on the coast, or quietly gliding into Mexico's most extensive and important mangrove estuary systems, where you can see numerous species of birds. Land and at a secluded beach for a delicious seafood lunch in paradise.

Group Estuary, Birding, and Whale Watching
San Blas is one of the most renowned locations for birding and whale watching around, and boasts some of the best guides in the region. Group opportunities range from boat trips to kayaking to hikes in the jungle.

Survivor Jungle Trek
Learn secrets of survival in the jungle. With your team you will think on your feet, help each other navigate the brush, learn about the flora and fauna, and find an ancient reward.
UPDATE: Our expert guide is now in his 80s, and his excursions are limited. Contact us for availability.

Youth Groups
Explore our website for possibilities from learning to surf to camping on a remote island to crocodile sight-seeing adventures, including exploratory walks through San Blas to discover of the site where Friar Juan Junipero Serra began the missionization of Northern Mexico, Baja and California. We are interested in creating exciting, safe events for youth groups.

San Blas offers excellent accommodations for your corporate and small groups, for all budgets. Click here for our recommendations, or contact us for personal recommendations.

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