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Waterfall Hike
Journey to the mountain village of El Cora, and wind your way down a 1/2-mile canyon trail to the 70-ft waterfalls of El Cora. Plunge into the 40-ft deep pool and find the hidden cave behind the falls. We will walk to the head of the second waterfall for a majestic view of the valley. 4 hours.


3 Waterfalls Hike
For those who seek more adventure, we explore the two lower falls. This hike requires bouldering so we use a safety line for the decent. We gave the second waterfall the name "Jacuzzi" because of the falling water that massages your back as you sit. The third waterfall, "Twin Falls" has a large shallow swimming pool where you can stand under the cascading water for the worlds best neck massage. 5 hours.


Team-building Zipline Adventure
This trip focuses on team building for small groups. Your team will set up a zipline stretching over the swimming hole at the waterfall outside the village of El Cora. Now face your personal challenge: strap in and leap off the edge for a splash landing in the water! The team can later climb down to the lower falls by way of boulders and streams.


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